Fear: Bears vs. Skydiving (or Offices, or Love)

Fear and I Have an Interesting Relationship.

Even as a child, if something scared me, I’d take a moment and determine whether that fear was warranted (e.g., approaching two bear cubs while hiking) or not (e.g., jumping out of an airplane while strapped to someone who’s not only extremely skilled, but also fairly interested in living through the experience).

First Jump - 2004 More »

Learning is More Like Eating Lunch Than You Think

In the absence of an ailment that gets in the way, learning comes as naturally to us as eating, and only two main things are needed for either: More »

Traditions & Choices

First and foremost, I hope that you and yours have a marvelous celebration this season and that you start the year off feeling loved!  

Poinsettias & Lights
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May We Love, May We Heal

This past weekend, I spent 2 days in a conference center with over 100 women who bore a kind of pain that takes years to create. More »

I am love.

These deceptively simple words tell you all there is to know about me. More »

Everything’s Gotta Go!

…or “Closing a Chapter.”

The idea is to live with what I need and to help others gain what they need.

Simple, right?

So what happens when you realize you have way more than you need? More »

The Tiny House Has a Name

Tiny House has a name!
“Tomato Box”


Tiny House - Tomato Box

Here’s the story behind it:
When I was a kid, the four of us — mom and 3 kids — spent a good bit of time traveling by car back and forth between two states. (Moving doesn’t always go as smoothly as you’d like.) More »

I Want A Ring That Tarnishes

I want a ring that tarnishes.

If I’m going to wear a symbol, if it’s supposed to represent a relationship, or our commitment to it, I want a ring that tarnishes. More »

Experiencing Life

This is the most difficult thing I’ve ever written.

It’s painful, sad, unpleasant, lonely, scary, relieving, necessary, and something no one should have to suffer through quietly or alone — but we do, all the time. More »

Think Tiny. Do More.

The forgotten and ignored are my tribe.

I’ve heard it many times over the past couple of years that one must “find their tribe.”  Conceptually, I understood this, but I only recently resonated with it. More »

My Heroes Don’t Wear Capes

(or “Meet My Friend, Jordan”)

There’s a trend I’m seeing and I couldn’t be more proud of my fellow human beings. More »

The Tiny House Adventure (pt.1)

You want to be a part of this.  Seriously.  And I’m doing what I can to make it easy for you!

Elm Overlook w Dormers

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How Metrics Are Ruining Your Life

(Or, why I stopped tracking my runs)

There’s nothing inherently wrong with metrics. They can be quite useful. The problem is with how we use them. More »

2013: Amazeballs

This year has been amazing.  Almost a reward for surviving 2007-2012 without any felonies. More »

12 Things I’ve Learned as I Get Older

I’ve always learned a lot from listening to my elders, so I figured that for my birthday, I’d like to pass along a little cheat-sheet of things I hope you can learn from me. More »

The Epic Trip

I’m calling it the “Epic Trip.” It’s aptly named because this is my first international travel experience and I’ll be taking two months to visit four countries. Doing things halfway isn’t in my nature, so here goes! More »

Of Wind and Light

I love the way sunlight tries to make its way through tree leaves…

Brilliant Leaves

It either passes between the leaves or marks its blocker with brilliance — lighting ablaze each leaf thwarting its path.  Wind, on the other hand, pushes leaves out of its way, or goes around when it cannot.   More »

Epicurious? Try Flavors Restaurant & Bar

At an unassuming building just one block away from all the hubub of Roswell Rd., I parked my car in the sparsely populated lot and did my best to avoid getting wet between my car and the door. For a Mediterranean restaurant, I had expected more noise, louder music, and tables that are both too close together and too small for the many dishes required for a robust meal. I was surprised. More »

2012: In Review


The Year of the Dragon Roller Coaster.

This past year was full of extremes: rampant illness and remarkable health, rudderless uncertainty and crystal clear clarity, temper tantrums and long hugs, ruts of consistency and drastic change, debilitating sorrow and euphoric joy. 2012 was a roller coaster, and just like the amusement park ride, I had a front row seat. Unlike a roller coaster, however, I’ve not ended at the same place I started. More »

How Did We Get Here? …and How Do We Change It?

Perspective.  That’s really what we’re looking for.  It’s what we need in order to make sense of what we see and hear.  It’s what is required if we’re going to effectively change any of the things that are disturbing.  My hope is that this provides a little perspective, and may serve as a catalyst to kick off some frank discussions about solutions.   More »