I Want A Ring That Tarnishes

I want a ring that tarnishes.

If I’m going to wear a symbol, if it’s supposed to represent a relationship, or our commitment to it, I want a ring that tarnishes.

Every time I renew and refresh my ring, it’s a reminder to tend to my relationship.

My parents have brand new titanium rings. They’re shiny, don’t scratch or bend, but it took a long time and even more care and attention to achieve a titanium relationship. You’re not there just because you’ve made a commitment, you get there by making that commitment anew every day for as many days as you can remember.

Maybe we graduate to stronger, more stable metals after periods of collective growth — a celebration of sorts? Growth can be difficult; perhaps this would be a good way to celebrate it.

I want a ring that tarnishes. Something to serve as an outward reminder of the results complacency yields.

We’re very visual creatures. Tending to pay attention to our health only once it affects our appearance.

If our outsides truly reflected our insides, what would we look like? What would you tend to first?

I want to be proactive with the health of my relationships. I think a visual reminder would help.

I want a ring that tarnishes.


A Ring That Tarnishes

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