The Tiny House Has a Name

Tiny House has a name! “Tomato Box”   Here’s the story behind it: When I was a kid, the four of us — mom and 3 kids — spent a good bit of time traveling by car back and forth between two states. (Moving doesn’t always go as smoothly as […] More »

The Epic Trip

I’m calling it the “Epic Trip.” It’s aptly named because this is my first international travel experience and I’ll be taking two months to visit four countries. Doing things halfway isn’t in my nature, so here goes! More »

2012: In Review

  The Year of the Dragon Roller Coaster. This past year was full of extremes: rampant illness and remarkable health, rudderless uncertainty and crystal clear clarity, temper tantrums and long hugs, ruts of consistency and drastic change, debilitating sorrow and euphoric joy. 2012 was a roller coaster, and just like […] More »

Round is a Myth

I’ve never heard anyone refer to themselves as a “round-peg”.  If “pegs” are mentioned, it’s always in reference to how we don’t fit and are simply the ever-present square-peg.  More »

Photo-A-Day (sort of)

I began this project with the notion that I would take and/or select one photo each day and write a paragraph to go with it.  Soon, very-very soon, I realized that I had not yet developed the discipline to sit down and do this every day, so it became more […] More »