The Tiny House Adventure (pt.1)

You want to be a part of this.  Seriously.  And I’m doing what I can to make it easy for you!

Elm Overlook w Dormers

I like to try new things and see if there’s a better/different way of doing something.  For this, I’ll be my own guinea pig.  This will be my home (just as soon as I get done building it)!  This is also where I need your help.

The Location

Would you like to be part of my Tiny House project (without doing *any* work)?  I’m looking for a build site! Not a residence, but a covered/weather-protected place I can work on the house — like, a warehouse or workshop.

Here’s what I need:

  1. An opening/door that is at least 10′ wide and 15′ tall (so I can get the Tiny House back out once it’s done)
  2. An interior space that is at least 40′ deep and 20′ wide (so I can maneuver around the Tiny House while working on it)
  3. Access to electricity for power tool usage
  4. Lockable
  5. Reasonably accessible from Smyrna, GA
  6. Available for about a year (because it’ll take that long to build)

Does this sound like a space you have or a space that someone you know might have?  Does this sound like a place you drive by all the time?  Let me know!  Once there’s a location, the flatbed trailer can be ordered and delivered!

The Materials

There are a lot of materials needed to build this Tiny House.  I’d (ideally) like to use leftover materials, reclaimed wood, stuff that’s just sitting around, or whatever we can scavenge together.

Here’s a spreadsheet with all of the Tiny House  Materials we’ll need, including prices for some things, a place to mark it off when we’ve got the item covered, and which ones are on the Wish List for this project.

If you’d like to help me acquire the materials needed to build the Tiny House, just let me know what you’ve got laying around and I’ll work out a way to get it to the build site!  (Or, you could bring it by and get the full tour in-person!)  Don’t have anything that we could recycle for the Tiny House but still want to help with materials?  The Wish List is there to make it easy to ship things directly to the build site!  (If there’s another way you’d like to get involved, let me know!  I’m definitely open to suggestions!)

The Equipment

I have basic tools, but will need to borrow/rent/buy more substantial equipment in order to build the Tiny House.

Are you a member of a non-profit organization that would like to help via Atlanta’s Tool Lending Library?  The Atlanta ToolBank has tools and materials available to non-profit organizations, and if you or I are listed as a volunteer with the organization, we can borrow from the ToolBank.

Additionally, if you’ve got equipment that I could borrow, I promise to take excellent care of it and return it in like condition (or better, if possible)!

What do I need?  Circular saw, possibly a table saw, belt sander, possibly a floor sander, pneumatic generator and nailer, etc.

The Work

If you’ve got the time and inclination, I would love some help from time to time.

I’m hardheaded and like to do everything myself, but let’s be real… I also break easily and likely wouldn’t survive building this whole thing on my own.  This is going to be an exercise in learning to accept help.

I’m ready to learn.

Who’s in?




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