The Tiny House Has a Name

Tiny House has a name!
“Tomato Box”


Tiny House - Tomato Box

Here’s the story behind it:
When I was a kid, the four of us — mom and 3 kids — spent a good bit of time traveling by car back and forth between two states. (Moving doesn’t always go as smoothly as you’d like.)
Since we needed to pack for a couple of weeks at a time, it’s easy to imagine the space constraints we ran into with three kids, three kid’s clothes, three kid’s toys, three kid’s educational materials (like Calvin & Hobbes books!), and three kid’s entertainment devices (walkman, anyone?).

Ever the solution-seekers, we devised a plan. Mom gave each of us a suitcase for our clothes and a tomato box for everything else. You know, the cardboard boxes that little crates of tomatoes would come in? One of those. We could bring anything we wanted, as long as it fit into our tomato box. It was brilliant.

No more harassing mom about things we wanted to bring, fighting about who was taking up more space than everyone else, or (the dreaded) their stuff touching your stuff. But it also did something really beautiful: it forced us to make trade-offs for ourselves and decide what was valuable enough or useful enough to warrant taking up precious space in our tomato box.

This is life.
This is amplified by Tiny Living.
My tomato box has gotten a little bigger, but the goal is still the same.


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