Was There Something In It For Him, Too?

The going explanation for Jesus’ visit in a physical form was to accept the burden of paying for our terrible behavior.  I definitely get that, but here’s something else to consider: perhaps there was something tangible in it for Him as well.

Let’s think about this.  If you build a world out of clay… little figures, little environments, etc., and set up the rules by which this little world would operate… even if you could hear what they’re thinking, would you know what it was like to be a little clay figure?  To go through life confined to a body with a limited outlook?  No, probably not.  So, here’s God… he’s made all this stuff, rules for it, created all the things that are logical to create and establish for this little world… but we’re still acting ridiculously.  He knows it’s possible… even likely… but hasn’t actually experienced what it’s like to be one of His little creations.  As the creator, (even though none of us have any experience in this regard…) wouldn’t you want someone who speaks your language and understands you fully, to be able to act as an advocate for these little creations?  …to understand exactly what it’s like to feel, experience, and make decisions *as* a little creation?

He was here to live as a perfect being, but I think he was also here to experience what we go through in the process of living as imperfect beings.

He knows what it’s like to be us.

He knows what it’s like to be lonely, to be betrayed, to be lied about, and to be loved. He knows what it’s like to be hungry, to be hot and cold, to stub your toe, to have sand in your underwear, and the joys of good food.

Most of us think of God as ‘knowing everything’ but not as one who has ‘experienced everything as we do’.  Think about that for a little while and notice how the way you talk to God changes, ever so slightly.  You may find that you feel less silly or imprudent when you want to exclaim about some amazing meal you just had… it’s ok to talk to Him about this kind of thing.  I can imagine His response being “I know, right?!”  I’ve not yet found a good reason to keep these experiences to ourselves.  If these things weren’t important, Jesus likely wouldn’t have needed to pay us a visit.  I can imagine there are other ways He could have taken care of our ‘debts’ without spending three decades experiencing our world.  Mull that over for a bit… and while you’re at it:

Go forth, experience our world… and remember to share it with Him.

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