2012: In Review


The Year of the Dragon Roller Coaster.

This past year was full of extremes: rampant illness and remarkable health, rudderless uncertainty and crystal clear clarity, temper tantrums and long hugs, ruts of consistency and drastic change, debilitating sorrow and euphoric joy. 2012 was a roller coaster, and just like the amusement park ride, I had a front row seat. Unlike a roller coaster, however, I’ve not ended at the same place I started.

Each New Year’s Day began the same way: watching the sun rise. I don’t see a lot of sunrises throughout the year, but I’ve been making it a point to see it on the first day (it helps that the sun comes up later during the winter). It’s one of the quietest mornings of the year, and I get it all to myself. The sunrise was glorious and renewing, but this is where the similarities between 2012 and 2013 end.


2012 began containing many things with which it didn’t end: my longest and dearest companion, my last grandparent, a ridiculous and pointless legal battle, about 60% of my belongings and twice the living expenses, live edible plants, a non-leaky roof, my close friend living nearby, a familiar community, a short commute to the office, and a fireplace of which I took full advantage.

2012 also ended containing many things with which it did not begin: peace, flexible schedule, zeal for what lies ahead, writing projects, painting projects, a volunteer position that excites me with an organization I adore, new-found health, the absence of life-anchors, a community that is a constant surprise, a great deal of clarity around the direction I’m heading, and the opportunity to travel on the opposite side of the planet.

Looking back at the recently closed year, I’ve mourned my losses and embraced my changes, but I have not properly celebrated my joys. Most of these joys occurred at the same time as many of the losses or changes, and since one generally has the emotional bandwidth to handle one at a time, the celebrations have been postponed. I think I’ll start 2013 by correcting this.


If you have a few moments over the coming months, please join me in celebrating some of the highlights from 2012 — it’s the best way to start a new year.


Go forth and celebrate!









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