Adventure: Seafood Cooking School in New Zealand

You know it’s going to be a good class when the chef starts things out with two glasses of wine.

The format of the class is ideal, too: show us the dishes we’ll make, walk us through each one, then have us do it, followed by dining on our artwork with some wine. Perfect!

Sitting through the show & tell portion of the class, we are slowing piecing together the story of our very interesting sou chef. 1) he cannot taste much of anything, 2) he cannot feel much either, 3) nor can he really smell things, 4) and he’s diabetic. How are all of these things connected? Oddly enough, when he was a child undergoing some sort of diabetes treatment, his doctor sort of set him on fire. (What kind of diabetes treatment could accidentally set you on fire??) Items 1-3 are the result of severe burns. As much as I hate to hear of his horrible experience with his doctor, I must admit I’m a little relieved to learn that this was not a cooking-related incident.

The Menu

  • Fish Cakes (Salmon & a white fish, no filler) with a side of Tofu Mayo
  • Miso Soup with Pan Seared Haddock
  • Basil and Tomato Frittatas with a side of Pesto Prawns

Fair warning to friends: I’ll be cooking a lot more things like these in the near future (hope you like Miso)!

So delicious!


Where to now?