Adventure: Hiking Coogee to Bondi

Ideal weather conditions for a 4 mile hike? Rain. Not the “tie up the cars so they don’t float away” kind of rain but the “is this rain? …it’s kind of misty… oh, wait! Big drops now! …nope, misty again… I like the drowned-rat look. It works for me” kind of rain.

First order of business: hop onto public transit and head to Coogee Beach.

Of note: Dolphin Street Fish & Chips is a fine spot to stop for a bite before heading off on your hike. Everything is cooked to order, so that burger you’ve been craving? Hot off the grill. Enjoy. You’re welcome.

Now that we’re fed and dressed for the occasion, it’s time to head north toward Bondi!

Wait… is that a cemetery with a view…?

Waverley Cemetery - Australia

Why, yes. Yes it is. This is Waverley Cemetery, “the most scenic burial ground in the world.”  I understand respecting one’s elders, caring for the less fortunate, and ensuring that everyone has access to natural resources… I guess I’m just not sure why I’d need a great view while covered in dirt. ::shrug:: To each, their own!

All kidding aside, this is a beautiful hike.

Bondi to Coogee Walk

In several spots along the path, the sandstone on either side is worn by the water, wavy, pitted, and home to new life, while the walkway itself minimally impedes on the landscape.  Nicely done, Australia.  Nicely done.

Once at Bondi, take your time, enjoy the surf and activity of the area, have yourself another snack and/or brew. The hike is only about 6 km (just under 4 miles), so you have earned a treat when you get to the end, but you’re not too worn out to enjoy it. With bus-stops-a-plenty, it’s pretty easy to get back to where you came from, too.


Where to now?