Adventure: Whales!!

Few things can rouse me out of bed early, but the chance to see whales — real whales in real life — is one of those things.

There’s an enormity to these creatures that I’m 100% in awe of. I understand concepts like “big,” but I know my imagination isn’t doing whales justice. I need to see one in person. To experience my tininess next to one of these majestic creatures. It just so happens, I’m in time for the one of the Humpback migrations along the coast of Australia, which means: back to the harbor for more boat-action!

Thus far, all of my ferry-riding and such has been around coastlines, between harbors, really just a stone’s (hefty) throw from the shore. For this adventure, we’re heading out to the open waters. Leaving the harbour, we clear Quarantine Head (yep, that’s a place) and there’s nothing but water in front of us. (And boats. Lot’s of boats.) It’s glorious.

Whale Searching

In a matter of minutes, soaking up the vastness of the ocean is interrupted by “aaand here we are: two humpbacks. We’ll follow them up the coast for a bit.” YAY!!!

Two enormous whales, synchronizing their breaths, crests, dives, keeping each other company on their migratory stroll. It’s mesmerizing. For over an hour, my eyes are fixed on the surface of the ocean, anxiously awaiting each glimpse of these companions. They’re beautiful. And could whisk me aside like a tissue in the wind if I were out there with them. (HOLYCARP, they’re huge!)

Humoring us, they stay close to shore, swimming right up the coast, popping out of the water together… until one-too-many speed boats drives right across their path.

Sharp. Right. Turn.

Now considerably further from the coast and getting less help from the current, but in much safer waters.

Thank you for letting us tag along.


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